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Our Services Include:

                    > Oracle DBA Managed Services                    > Oracle Cloud

                    > Oracle APEX                                                   > Project Implementation Support and Upgrade Support

                    > Oracle Database Projects                             > Oracle Database Health Checks & Remediation   

>   Oracle DBA Managed Services

We provide full life-cycle JDE Oracle DBA support. Depending on your size and needs, we can provide a variety of support models, from full-time DBA support, all the way to a basic "keep the lights on" model. Regardless of the model that fits your business requirements, you obtain world-class DBA service with a compelling value proposition.

Some customers prefer to utilize our managed services as a secondary resource to supplement their internal staff. These customers still benefit from the use of our automated NightOwl Monitoring & Messaging service, with the ability to access the intellectual capital of our expert Oracle DBA resources. 

Though DBConnect's primary focus is on the JDE Oracle database, we also support non-JDE databases for our customers. This provides a single database support point for customers that have multiple Oracle databases within their organization.

Because we provide DBA managed services and support from our facility, we can leverage our resources in the most cost-effective manner, keeping our DBAs focused on the emergent needs of our customers. This keeps our customer costs lower, and it ensures that our DBAs are highly productive, responsive, and available when you need them most.

One of the most compelling benefits of DBConnect's Oracle DBA Managed Services is the monthly database dashboard that we provide to all of our managed services customers. This dashboard provides visibility to the current health of the Oracle database, as well as areas that need attention or remediation.

>>>   Click HERE to view a sample monthly database dashboard. 

>   Oracle Cloud

More and more companies are utilizing the Cloud to enhance or replace critical components of their on site infrastructure. Whether it's the ability to

quickly and economically provision new components such as applications, servers, or databases, or to provide a cloud-based disaster recovery or data backup solution, more and more customers see the Cloud as a viable long-term strategy.

For customers who desire to host all or part of their database infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud, DBConnect can assist you with your migration and get you up-and-running as soon as you are ready.

Oracle Cloud details

>   Oracle APEX

DBConnect provides JDE customers with the capability to easily design simple, database-driven applications completely within a web browser. This solution is an elegant and extremely cost-effective solution to use with JDE, as Oracle APEX is a fully-supported, no-cost feature of the Oracle database. We can provide you assistance with setting up the Oracle APEX infrastructure and allow you to develop and deploy your own applications, or we can provide you a turn-key solution where we take care of all of the work on your behalf.

Oracle APEX details

>   Project Implementation Support and Upgrade Support 

We provide DBA services during the implementation phase of new projects. This includes all of the necessary activities required to build the Oracle infrastructure for a successful implementation -- planning, designing, building, supporting, and cross-training -- all using "Best Practices" tools and processes geared specifically for JDE on Oracle.

We can also take on the ongoing support after go-live if our clients choose not to provide the JDE DBA support in-house.

In addition, we provide DBA services during JDE upgrades. We have extensive experience with the processes involved in JDE upgrades, and we understand what can and cannot be done within the database to streamline and optimize the upgrade. We also have extensive experience related to the optimization of schema refreshes that occur during the upgrade process.

>   Oracle Database Projects

DBConnect has decades of experience working exclusively with the Oracle database. This allows us to offer project-based DBA support on virtually any Oracle database project. Examples of these projects include:

* Oracle Database Architecture

* Oracle installation and upgrades

* Oracle database downgrades

* Oracle database virtualization

* Re-platform projects

* Migration of databases to the Cloud

* Disaster Recovery setup

* Oracle Database Tuning

* Implementation of backup/recovery procedures and processes

* Oracle Database Security Auditing

* Sarbanes-Oxley or PCI compliance

* Implementation of Oracle Transparent Data Encryption

* Implementation of Oracle Advanced Compression Option

* Oracle Database Health Assessments          

>   Oracle Database Health Checks & Remediation

One of the fastest growing areas of DBConnect's business involves providing detailed Oracle Database health assessments. This involves a deep-dive assessment of database architecture, performance, backup/recovery, and security. The Oracle DBA collects detailed information on the current as-is state of the database and the database environment, and then documents the findings along with detailed recommendations to remediate problem areas. In the area of JDE specifically, DBConnect's database health check is recognized as the "gold standard" across the industry.  


Why Choose DBConnect Solutions? 

  • DBConnect's Oracle database managed services ensure your Oracle database is backed up, tuned, and properly maintained.
  • Unlike other Oracle service providers, you have access to Oracle DBAs who are dedicated to the support of JDE. Our team of subject-matter experts leverage a set of Best Practices to proactively identify and prevent issues before they impact your system.
  • We are the only service provider in the world that utilizes an automated solution specifically engineered to manage databases used by JDE.
  • Your systems are automatically monitored 24/7/365.
  • We leverage the power of the Oracle database to uncover opportunities within the JDE data stored in the database.
  • With our software we detect and close any security gaps in your Oracle database.
  • We can provide easy to understand health checks of your database monthly.
  • If you want to maintain routine database management in-house, we can provide database assessments on a project basis and also perform the remediation needed to bring your system in line with our Best Practice.
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