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DBConnect NightOwl

DBConnect's NightOwl Managed Services

Because our NightOwl solution uses technology to manage technology, we deliver the service that never sleeps so that you can.


NightOwl Monitoring & Messaging

The NightOwl Monitoring & Messaging engine never sleeps. Our tools monitor your JDE Oracle database 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The health of your database is proactively sent to DBConnect's Database Administration team so we can prevent problems before they ever impact the operation of your system.

NightOwl JDE Database Security

NightOwl Database Security ensures that your Oracle database is secure. NightOwl closes JDE database security gaps and ensures they remain closed.

NightOwl Database Refresh

NightOwl Database Refresh is an automated Oracle database refresh tool that we leverage to make environment refreshes much more efficient and reliable. The tool also supports an option to skip designated tables, and depending on your Oracle license, it also supports the use of Oracle database compression.

NightOwl Dashboard

Our managed services customers are provided monthly dashboards that compare the JDE Oracle database against our set of Best Practices. We review security, architecture, database topology, database backups, database performance, capacity, and JDE-specific metrics. A monthly report and the opportunity for immediate remediation is provided to all customers.

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